Legal Gambling in Colorado

Colorado is known for its progressive residents and its gorgeous natural landscape—as well as its surprisingly strict gambling laws. In fact, the state of Colorado has one of the more limited gambling industries in the United States. As such, you might do well to acquaint yourself with these rules and regulations if you are a resident of this state. By understanding the laws regarding the various forms of gambling, you can confidently engage in legal betting activities while enjoying the games that you have come to love.

Read on to learn more about the legal code pertaining to gambling in the state of Colorado. Throughout this article, we will look at these regulations from different angles to ensure that you understand just what is and what is not allowed in this state.

Colorado Gambling Laws

Land-based gambling is pretty restricted in Colorado. The state does allow pari-mutuel wagering on both horse and dog racing, which is actually a bit more extensive than some of the other states in the region. However, it has restricted the activity of casinos so that they offer only slot machines and certain table games, which are limited by state-specific regulations. Charitable gambling is also quite narrowly focused in this state, as charity functions can host bingo games and raffles. But for the residents who are interested in playing the lottery, Colorado regulates a state-run game that many players enjoy.

In terms of online gaming, the law is currently a bit vague. It is important to note, though, that changes to the law are seemingly on the horizon, as word has it that the Colorado Gaming Association, which oversees the gambling industry in the state, is working on a bill to regulate online gambling within its borders; however, the organization has not provided any solid information with this regard

Is Sports Betting Legal in Colorado?

Pari-mutuel is allowed on both horse and dog racing. Otherwise, the general language used within the State of Colorado's legal code indicates that betting pools and land-based sports wagering in Colorado is not permissible.

Legal Colorado Sports Betting Sites

Colorado sports fans have an embarrassment of riches living so close to one of America’s great sport cities in Denver, but many believe they cannot make bets on sports events. Luckily, that is dead wrong. With the help of legal online sportsbooks for Colorado residents, those in the Centennial State can pick up a sports betting hobby in a moment's notice.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sports Betting Site

When looking for the most pristine and accessible legal online sportsbook for Colorado residents, look no further than Bovada. This sports betting site boasts one of the sleekest and fastest performing designs out there, and it’s a good thing too. Once customers get a look at the millions of game lines and propositions available in the sportsbook, it takes some of the most powerful servers and software in the world to keep up with all the bets being placed. Colorado residents don’t have to miss out on the action as they are free to sign up with the most popular and longest running sports betting site in the nation purely at their own discretion, no wait is necessary.

Sign-up with Bovada is not only simple, but rewarding. Once a new user makes a deposit to their account using Bovada’s renowned, secure financial system, they will find that not only is their entire deposit in the account safe and sound, but that they have been awarded an additional 50% of their deposit on top in the form of bonus money to be used anywhere in the sports book. Using this promotion, Colorado residents can score an additional $250 with which to bet, an unprecedented deal in the sports betting industry.

Rank Legal Sportsbooks Bonus Rewards Find Out More
1 Bovada Sportsbook Collect Up To $250 / 50% Match Visit Bovada
2 BetOnline Sportsbook 25% Match Up To $1,000 - "FIRST" Visit BetOnline
3 SportsBetting Bonus To $1,000 / 50% Match - "SB50" Visit SportsBetting
4 5Dimes Sportsbook To $520 Total; 50% - $200, 20% After Visit 5Dimes
Are Casinos Legal in Colorado?

Casinos are legal in this state, but they are much more restricted than in many of the other states in the country. The casinos are heavily regulated and are subject to restrictions on the games that they can offer—and on the way that these games are run. In fact, these venues can only offer slot machines and certain table games.

Legal Colorado Online Casinos

It’s safe to say that if you live in Colorado, you know what a dose of the good life tastes like. One of the only things that can make that mountain air smell any better is knowing you can participate in all of the excitement of legal gambling from anywhere you please. Luckily, with the legal online casinos indexed on this page, you can! Join the thousands of Colorado residents who are already in on the fun.

Club World Casino

Club World Online Casino

If you want the absolute best and most high quality legal casino the internet has to offer, you simply need to check in with Club World. Whether your game is slots, video poker, black jack, or any variation thereof, this fantastic legal gambling site has you covered. With certification officially from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, you never have to worry about the fairness or security of your games. Club World without a doubt delivers all the quality and assurances that a land based casino can offer to anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Do you like free stuff? Of course you do. Club World takes care of all Colorado residents by always assuring there are various bonuses and rewards up for grabs. When you join this casino, you’ll find there are always opportunities to earn money, in fact, there is a different, insane deal for every day of the week. How about 65% off all games on Monday, or 10% cash back on weekends? The beat goes on, and the savings always rack up at Club World.

Rank Legal Online Casinos Bonus Rewards Find Out More
1 Club World Casino 100% Match For Slots To $777 Visit Club World
2 Lucky Red Casino Up To $4,000 On Slots / 400% Match Visit Lucky Red
3 High Noon Casino $2K Extra For Slots - First Deposit Visit High Noon
4 Casino Multiple Bonuses Totaling $5,000 Visit
5 Aladdin's Gold Casino Unlimited 200% Match For 7 Days Visit Aladdin's Gold
6 Bovada Casino $2,000 For Slots / $1K Other Games Visit Bovada
7 Las Vegas USA 400% To $10,000 For Slots Games Visit Las Vegas USA
8 BetOnline Casino $1,000 Free To Use On Slots / 100% Visit BetOnline
9 Manhattan Slots Two 100% To $777 Slots Bonuses Visit Manhattan Slots
10 SportsBetting Casino Double Up First Deposit To $1,000 Visit SportsBetting
Is Poker Legal in Colorado?

Poker is legal and popular if enjoyed in a licensed, regulated setting. This includes a casino or a social game during which no profit is made from the activity's operation. Poker, as a game, is one that can be interpreted as gambling or not given the broad definition of gambling provided by the state's legal code; however, a case that spanned 2008 to 2010 established a precedent in terms of categorizing this game as gambling when a court did so and the State Supreme Court declined the appeal.

Legal Colorado Poker Sites

The deal of the century is coming to the Centennial State. What is it exactly? Online poker. Whereas in the past people were too scared to try it because they feared it was illegal the news is finally out that online poker has never been illegal in Colorado or any other state. This means that those who were interested can finally take the leap and see for themselves how much they can win in the world of online poker.

Bovada Poker

Bovada Online Poker

Where to start the online poker journey though? Perhaps the best place would be Bovada. In fact Bovada is so good that most people won’t want to leave the site. They are innovative, they treat their customers well, and they have more guaranteed tournaments than just about any other site on the web. It isn’t hard to see why Bovada is the first and only online poker room for many players.

One of the ways they show their dedication to their customer is by rewarding dedication to them. If a new player continues to play with this legal poker site long enough they will incrementally earn back their initial deposit. Once they have been playing enough they will have all of the first deposit made back as money to play or withdraw with. Then look at the fun new ways to play that Bovada brings to its users. Like the Zone, where players go on a rapid fire run across tables every time they fold. Switching up tables, switching up hands, switching up the fun. Then last but not least Bovada brings out the mother of all guaranteed tournament prize pools. It is estimated that in the course of a year that the poker room gives away more than 2 million dollars in guaranteed tournaments. If that doesn’t make a poker pro drool then nothing will.

Rank Legal Poker Sites Bonus Rewards Find Out More
1 Bovada Poker 100% To $1,000 On First Deposit Visit Bovada
2 BetOnline Poker Up To $1,000 Free / 200% Match Visit BetOnline
3 SportsBetting Poker Triple Up On First Deposit To $1,000 Visit SportsBetting
Is Online Gambling Safe for Colorado Residents?

Online gambling is not explicitly dealt with in the state's legal code; however, the Attorney General did informally opine that online gambling isn't something that is regulated by state. It is important to note that this was an informal announcement, though, and that many individuals still turn to the internet to access their favorite gambling activities.

In 2012 reports began to circulate that the Colorado Gaming Association was going to create a bill that would regulate online gaming within the state's borders. Due to the fact that such a bill is not in place, many residents have interpreted this as an indication that, currently, online gambling is safe. There are no records of individuals playing online poker being prosecuted by the State of Colorado, so the risk of engaging in online games is perceived by many to be minimal. Because Colorado has such restricted land-based gambling opportunities, numerous residents have taken to the World Wide Web to engage in the games that they enjoy.

Thoughts about Legal Gambling Options In Colorado

Colorado has a fairly limited gambling industry; however, the world of online gaming offers its residents a way to participate in their favorite wagering activities without having to travel to one of the state's few casinos. While the legal regulations regarding online gambling are not cut and dry, they are general enough that many players have felt it safe to turn to this alternative.

Legal Gambling In Colorado

Bovada Online Sportsbook

BetOnline Online Sportsbook

SportsBetting Online Sportsbook